Top Things to Know About Selling a Home in the Illinois Valley

By Amy More, Copyright 2019, All Rights Reserved.


  1. It's worth finding out which Realty is the top seller in the local area (we are!) Experience sells homes!

  2. A locally based realtor can be available promptly EVERY DAY when you need them, whether it be for showings, signings, open houses, letting in inspectors and appraisers, monitoring activity, and on and on. Please don’t settle for less.

  3. Your local Realtor provides aggressive marketing and local advertising for your property. Don't let the competition fool you into thinking that their "big name" will get your home sold. In fact, the local company will have higher internet search returns for the local area, and can deliver MORE local buyers. We are also adept at current marketing tools such as social media, all the nationally syndicated websites such as Zillow and, and use other local outlets to get your home noticed.

  4. Your local Realtor is the Expert on local market conditions and knows the exact pricing "sweet spot" to position your home for a prompt sale. Avoid overpricing your home by working with an agent who knows your market. Overpricing results in stagnant listings. If your home lacks showings for no apparent reason, BINGO! it is overpriced.

  5. A local Realtor spends as much time working with buyers as with sellers- This means our feet are "on the ground" looking at all the comparable properties, what condition they are in, and what is available day-to-day. This means we understand the microclimate in which your home will compete and are experts in our field.

  6. Ask for examples of a Realtor's listings. A mark of an excellent realtor is one who can create accurate and colorful descriptions and provide high quality photographs. A great realtor is able to take quality photos themselves, and also knows when professional photos and videos are called for. There should be NO compromise in quality when choosing to work with a local agent.

  7. In-town Realtors have local connections, and can recommend all the best service providers.

  8. A good realtor is adept at property research and can make sure you are in possession of all the necessary knowledge that buyers will request. This includes well and septic records, permit history, water rights, maps, etc.

  9. Local Realtors are down-to-earth property specialists who bring flexibility and are generally willing to work with you at the level you are prepared for, from as-is sales to professionally staged and photographed upper-tier properties, ranches and farms.

  10. Trust a local team and business who have built long term relationships with local buyers and sellers over decades. We are properly positioned to market and sell your home!